Build My List 2.0 Review

Product Name: Build my List 2.0
Product Creator: Jimmy Kim
Price: $47 (One Time Payment)
The Verdict: 100% RECOMMENDED

Build My List 2.0 Review & Bonus

Hey All! Thanks for stopping by to check out my Review of Build my List 2.0, by Jimmy Kim.

For those who might not be aware, He Launched His FIRST Version of “Build My List” back in March or April of 2015, saw thousands of customers and OVER 500 BRAND NEW Internet Marketers make their FIRST ever commissions with Email Marketing!

After the hit success of Build My List, he’s decided to update it with all NEW training, a new members area and more – and guess what:

Build my List 2.0 is BETTER than the first version!

Build my List is a easy to follow five step program including ALL of the tools that a student needs to generate REAL income online.

Here’s what you’ll be getting access to:

  1. Five newbie friendly training modules (with step-by-step videos showing you EVERY step along the way).
  2. 3 FREE Months of the SendLane auto responder
  3. Free “Point and Click” Landing Page builder (via
  4. DAILY Power Calls to go over your training and homework.  These will be DAILY for the first 30-60 days, and were such a huge hit and motivational factor for Build my List 1.0 – they had to bring it back!
  5. Custom Build My List E-book (brand able to YOU to use for giveaway to build your own list – and trust me – this baby CONVERTS!)

In case it’s NOT yet obvious – you’re getting a TON of amazing content with Build My List 2.0 including ALL the tools and training you’ll need to be successful!

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Here’s what’s in the training:

The MAIN training in Build my List 2.0 consists of 5 main sections, as I mentioned above.  This is 100% VIDEO training which I LOVE – because it really gives you that ‘over the shoulder’ training and explanation that you just CAN’T get from PDF files or downloadable text training. 
  • Home Page Intro Videos
  • Section 1: List Building
  • Section 2: Send Lane
  • Section 3: Offers Section
  • Section 4: Business Wizard
  • Section 5: Traffic (Free and Paid)

Here’s a more indepth look at what’s included in each module:

Step #1: List Secrets:

The FIRST training module, List Secrets is ALL about the basics of building your list.

The Videos in this module cover the basics, but this stuff is SOLID.  I’ve NEVER seen list building broken down in such a simple matter.  You’ll learn:

  1. Video 1: What is List Building/What is an Email list?
  2. Video 2: Why is List Building Important?
  3. Video 3: Diving in – the items you need – Auto Responder, Opt in Page and your Offer
  4. Video 4: The “1 page website” aka your opt in/landing page.
  5. Video 5- Automated Series
  6. Video 6- Money Marketing vs Relationship Marketing
  7. Video 7- Single opt vs double opt in
  8. Video 8- The Thank you page – what it is.. why do you use it?
  9. Video 9- Understanding Open Rates/Click through rates – why it’s important to know

Section #2: SendLane

  • Video #1 – Understanding Autoresponders
  • Video #2- Introduce Sendlane
  • Video #3- Overview of send lane
  • Video #4 – Setting up list – teach trick
  • Video #5- Setting up Landing Page
  • Video #6 – Setting up autoresponder
  • Video #7- Sending campaigns

Section #3: Offers

  • Video #1- Finding a niche
  • Video #2 – Learning how to find offers to promote
  • Video #3 – BML Members can promote BML and make great money too!
  • Video #4 – Guaranteed Vendors Video
  • Video #4: Setting up your “bait” – custom report – brand able reports, etc
  • Video #5: Making CUSTOM e-book covers makes a HUGE difference in conversions.  Learn how to do these here!

Step #4: Business Wizard

Here’s a more specific breakdown of what you’ll be learning:

  1. Learn the importance of the 1 page websites and how to make them with send lane
  2. A manual on copy writing.. using words that sell
  3. Include 10 swipes (5 for BML, 5 for generic marketing)
  4. The importance making it your own – done WITH you and not done for you.
  5. 10 guidance pieces for promoting multiple items (5 for BML, 5 random ones)
  6. You’ll get to view 10 guidance pages – with live pages with links
  7. T.Y.P Setup – that offers both bonus and click through.
  8. Understanding conversion rates – what it means and your target exception

Step #5: Instant Traffic Triggers

Here’s more specifically what you’ll be learning:

  1. Intro to traffic- free vs paid
  2. My traffic source
  3. Traffic Source Version #2- Video
  4. Traffic Source Version #3 – Video
  5. Clickonomy- Traffic source – includes a coupon too!
  6. FB Training – via Fred Lam
  7. Free Traffic Training – with Jeff Lenney (yes, me) :-)
  8. Reddit Training (for non internet marketing niche)
  9. Traffic Swap – Free -introduce the BML FB group

Bonus Training

  1. Video #1- How to get your business reviewed by a Coach BEFORE it goes live.
  2. Video #2- Introduce the BML FB Group – Get to know Jimmy, his coaches and other students like yourself!
  3. Video #3- Need setup help? Need to talk to a coach?
  4. Bonus Training – The $25k Case Study


My Build my List 2.0 Review and Final Verdict

I’ll be honest – I like this A-LOT.

Email Marketing has been responsible for MYSELF earning 6 figures per MONTH quite a few times – and it’s something I WISH I got started with sooner in my online career.

if you’re looking to learn to make money online – whether you’re a newbie, or a seasoned veteran that just wants to learn HOW to build an email list – you can NOT go wrong with BML 2.0 by Jimmy Kim.

There is no denying the power of building your own email list, and Build my list is my #1 recommended training for this!

BML is an AMAZING product – and you can get it for a FRACTION of the price of the MUCH higher priced courses (such as Publish Academy – the $1,500 training course by Anik Singal which is SOLD OUT)!

Take advantage of this NOW, before they close the doors for the remainder of the year.  Also, be sure to check out my Build My List 2.0 Bonus below!

>>> Sign up for Build my List here,  You will get your bonus from JVZoo automatically upon payment! :-)

5 Overlooked Benefits of Email Marketing

Image Credit - iContact
Image Credit – iContact

There are so many businesses worldwide that use email marketing as their method of advertising. Mostly, the aim of any advertisement is to attract new customers into the business.

(If you’re looking to build your own list and grow your business via email marketing – Check out Build My List 2.0 by Jimmy Kim.)

There are a number of methods of advertisement employed by different companies and businesses depending on their policies. The money is in the list of those factors that determine the method of advertisement. The following are some of the benefits associated with the use of email marketing.



Email marketing cost relatively lower compared to other mainstream marketing channels. Through email marketing, some unnecessary costs such as printing, postage charges, and exposure fee on billboards, television, newspapers and magazines are avoided. For effectiveness and efficiency of this system, marketers may be required to invest in software that will automatically track and evaluate all emails. As much as there are some overheads incurred in sending these emails, it is much lower compared to what you can spend in other marketing channels.

Target fans of your brand

Email marketing is the only marketing channel that allows consumers to receive what they ask for. Basically, those businesses utilizing this platform will only send emails to those interested in a particular brand. This increases conversation rate within the business since the main targets are those interested in their brands. You can as well send unsolicited marketing messages to your customer but it does not go down well with some clients. You have to do cautiously so as not to destroy brand image.



As I hinted earlier, email marketing only targets those interested. Therefore, it will be very prudent to only spend on those interested in your brand than directing all your resources to the public; some of which may not be interested. Marketing emails are only sent to subscribers who meet certain criteria. For instance, if your company serves a certain area, it will easier and beneficial to send emails to those people living there only.


Calls to action

Email marketing is perfect when it comes to impulse purchasing. There are very few marketing platforms that enable customers to witness an offer to buying that item within two clicks of a button. Call to action and links that directs customers to the checkout and emailing of business newsletters will greatly boost your sales.


Easy to create

Unlike other marketing channels, email marketing does not need a huge team of expertise to be successful. It is much easier to create a business email and jazz it up with videos, images, fancy templates and the company logo. In fact it is the content of the email that matters most. Convince your potential customer that indeed your product is worth purchasing.


Easy to share

Sometimes your customers can as well work as your marketers with or without your consent. Curious customers can forward those good offers to their family members and friends. Email marketing is the only marketing platform that is easily shared. In fact before you know it, your customers could have introduced you to a new market.

If you take into account all these benefits, you will realize that email marketing is the best marketing platform for both established and new business.

Top 5 Tips for affiliates for Email Marketing

In the world of the affiliate business, getting to the right people is always the key to success.

This is the reason why marketing is such an important element when it comes to reaching a relevant audience and providing them with a message that will be able to turn them into customers.

Effective Email Marketing Tips for Affiliate Marketers

Presently, many professionals from this field believe that social media is the best way to provide these messages.

(For More Information on building your OWN email list, Check out Build My List 2.0 by Jimmy Kim.)

Of course, there is no denying the power of social networks like Twitter or Facebook when it comes to using them as a tool for affiliate marketing.

But, in spite of the rise of social media, there are some traditional means of communication which are still exceedingly useful. In this category, email is the most important one.

Using emails, any affiliate marketer can get a huge boost in their promotional efforts, which will undoubtedly lead to bigger profits and more all-around success. Because of this, here are the top 5 tips for affiliates for email marketing.

Keeping it Short

All those who try to cram in a lot of information into an email will most likely see poor results.

This means that long paragraphs and dumping of information should always be avoided. The simple reason for this is the fact that people simply do not have time to read long promotional messages.

For the best result, an affiliate marketer should keep emails short and to the point.

Also, the use of bullet points makes any message readable on a short glance, while positioning embedded links that lead to a more in-depth content on a website should be used twice in the email, but not more than that.

Using Good Subject Lines

In an email campaign, there is nothing that is more relevant than a subject line. A well-designed subject will draw in the audience; the badly constructed ones will be ignored.

This is why every subject like should try to grab attention by providing a hook, or a piece of information that the audience appreciates, like a discount, exclusive sales period or a new exciting product. Like the content itself, a good subject line is short and effective.

Placing Testimonials

Testimonials are a fantastic feature of any marketing campaign because it provides them with a way of providing readers with a proof the value of the promoted products or service.

It also adds a human touch to any message that connects the content with the targeted audience on an emotional level. Testimonials can come in a range of forms, including reviews, video clips or success stories. All of them will provide an email campaign with that special touch.

Focusing on the First Third

Numerous research projects have shown that people usually glance over a promotional email and mostly do not read the entire content. But, the most attention is paid to the first third of the text.

Because of this, the essential facts should be located in this segment. Also, the same part of the email should be most thought-through as a content block, which means it should be clear, concise and informative.

Social Media Share Buttons

Using email campaigns and social media can work hand in hand. By employing specialized, but readily available email templates and social media HTML widgets, anyone can insert social media share buttons.

This way, if the audience appreciates the content, they might decide to share it with their social media circles, which is a dream scenario for any affiliate marketer. From that point on, the message replicates and spreads across social media, while it generates additional exposure and reach.

Of course, this will not happen all the time, but when it does, it can provide a huge benefit to any marketing campaign.

With these tips, any affiliate marketer can utilize email campaigns in a much more effective way.